Coffee at work

Nicaragua Intrigue: Getting to know your Nicaragua Specialty Coffee

Coffee at work

Editor's Note

Reminiscent of sweet melon on the first slurp we had on the cupping table balanced with starfruit acidity at the end. We absolutely love the velvety and sophisticated finish it has. We wanted to add a bean with a slightly more complex flavor, hence the Nicaragua bean was our top choice. We also love to use this coffee to introduce Arabica coffee to our friends as the taste profile has so much depth.

Farm Detail

Nicaragua, although robbed by conquest, revolution, and disaster of its coffee production, the people there always immediately work to rebuild and improve the quality of the coffee produced. Most of Nicaraguan finest coffee flows out of the Matagalpa and Jinotega regions due to the nutrient-rich volcanic soil and a humid climate.

The farm has been managed by the farmer, Gabby for more than 20 years who has always believed in the importance of a great collaboration between a group of people who share the same goal to produce great coffee. Hence, one of the earliest projects that Gabby invested in was to build homes for permanent workers, free schooling, and medical care which has created a sustainable working environment to consistently produce quality coffee year after year.

Coffee Cherries

The Nicaragua Intrigue is planted in the lower elevations of 950-1,100 M.A.S.L coupled with a unique eco-system on the plantations, matures slowly and grows to be harder and denser than beans grown at lower elevations. As a result, this aids in creating the strictly hard bean (SHB) with plentiful taste distinctions and innate consistency. The carefully hand-picked coffee cherries are delivered to the farm’s wet mill for weighing and de-pulping. After a controlled fermentation period, the coffee is washed and prepared for sun-drying on the raised beds for a couple of weeks to reach optimal moisture level. The hard work, dedication, passion, and perseverance of the pickers and entire team in the wet mill and drying process guarantees an exceptional cup quality.

Through her love, care, and meticulous daily work put in, it finally paid off when the coffee won the cup of excellence in the Central American country.

Roaster’s Lee Roasting Note:

The Nicaragua Intrigue is a strictly hard bean with a big screen size 18 that allows the roast to be uniform and even. This has allowed Roaster Lee to roast the bean with ease and to perfection by roasting it at a medium roast to ensure that the sweetness and flavor of the bean are still intact as roasting it too dark might cause the coffee to taste too roasted. Coffee-lovers with a taste preference towards an incredibly rich and velvety finish will enjoy the Nicaragua Intrigue as an everyday coffee!

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