About Us


Hey there, welcome to LivDiff!

We are two friends who share a common interest, which is our love for coffee. In 2020, over beer and chips, a crazy idea popped up, “why not start a specialty coffee business ourselves?”. This idea stuck with us for days, and here we are, after a year of researching, planning and designing, we are finally ready to start our coffee journey.

Why the name LivDiff?

What made us fall in love with coffee is how differently a cup of coffee tastes with different variations of handling it. From green beans to roasting to brewing to how developed your palate is, each step changes how we perceive the taste of the coffee. We hope to bring these different experiences to you and incorporate these coffee cultures in your daily lives, hence the name, Liv (for life) Diff (for different experiences).
We are starting small but we hope to bring fresh, interesting and delicious tasting roasted coffee beans from all around the world to you soon.

Likes to Brew Likes to Roast