Indonesia Serene: Getting to Know Your Indonesia Specialty Coffee

Indonesia Serene: Getting to Know Your Indonesia Specialty Coffee

Editor's Note:

The typical taste profile of Indonesian beans is nutty, chocolatey, and heavy in body. These beans that we brought in were a pleasant surprise, as it was rich, creamy, and we tasted notes of fruits and hints of herbal tones. Far from the usual, and something to remind us of the magic of coffee.

Coffee Tree

Farm Details:

Indonesia, as one of the biggest coffee-producing countries in the world, with one of its major regions being Sumatra, precisely in the Gayo area, Central Aceh, Aceh. Coffee is grown in the Gayo highlands, a volcanic mountain area that has high nutrients, a cool environment and a variety of plants that live around it are what make Gayo coffee have a special taste. As a result of this special taste, Gayo coffee becomes one of the most popular coffees and is highly sought after by coffee lovers around the world.


The key to success for this farm and the coffee produced is a result of the vision that farmer Wahyuni has many years ago when he decided to start producing coffee in the Gayo Highlands. Farmer Wahyuni started by selling small quantities of coffee at their local village market, however, due to the quality of the coffee produced by him, he saw an opportunity to penetrate the overseas market after attending a coffee trade fair in Europe back in 2013 as the coffee was well received by the traders and roasters that attended.Coffee Processing

The Indonesia Serene is planted at mid-ground elevations of 1,500 to 1,900 M.A.S.L. These farmers use shading trees that act likes an umbrella which allows more time for the coffee cherries to adequately develop enabling them to produce their full nutrition potential. The variation of the temperature and environment equilibrium with high oscillation makes the coffee plant stronger and more resistant. All this is part of their commitment to improve the quality of the coffee grown as well as maintain and preserve the entire ecosystem. This coffee is processed with the wet-hulling or semi-washed method, Indonesia’s traditional method of processing coffee. Similar to washed coffee, the handpicked, sorted cherries’ outer skin is de-pulped although here the beans are allowed to ferment still coated with mucilage for about a day. The fermented mucilage is then thoroughly washed off and the wet beans are put through to a partial drying stage. The coffee is then hulled in a semi-wet state and undergoes controlled drying to further lower the moisture for optimal levels in the beans. The entire process significantly contributes to a more complex-bodied profile.

He saw an opportunity, took it, and with his sheer determination and love for his produce, he brought his coffee internationally, a truly remarkable feat!

Roaster’s Lee Roasting Note:

The Indonesia Serene is a semi-washed wet-hulled process coffee bean that is more challenging to roast as compared to other coffee beans produced by other coffee-producing countries due to the higher water moisture content and density. While roasting this bean, it is key to ensure that the bean is heated a little bit more than usual at the start of the roast before completing it slightly after the second crack to achieve a medium-dark roasted bean. Coffee lovers who have a taste preference for a creamy body and caramelized finish would love this for an everyday coffee! 

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