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Brazil Bold: Getting to know your Brazil Specialty Coffee

 Coffee Break

Editor's Note:

These beans from Brazil were one of our pioneer bean launches. During our cupping sessions, one of the main focuses we had was to find affordable yet sophisticated tasting coffee and we were immediately drawn to the taste profile of the beans from our Brazil Farmers. A great balance of sweet, acidity, and medium-full body where the harshness leaves our mouths right before it overstayed its due. A great option for an everyday drink in our opinion! 
Brazil Coffee Farm

Farm Details:

Brazil, as one of the world’s largest producers of coffee has been showcasing its very best coffee and it has only been in the last few years that coffee in the Sul de Minas municipality is particularly noteworthy.

Like the generation before him and the generation before, Marcelo carries the pride of his family tradition, in making sure every cherry tree is grown to its full potential. He believes in investing in the best infrastructure and equipment to bring out the best quality of coffee. To increase productivity for each individual plot, a single processing center was built together with a milling machine for all the individual plots. This way, it allows them to produce and process specialty coffee with unique characteristics in this region.

Coffee Tree

The Brazil Bold is planted at lower elevations of 1,050-1,300 M.A.S.L. Due to the shortage of manpower, mechanical pickers are commonly used to strip the coffee cherries off the trees. By using three levels of stripping, first from the top, the middle then the bottom, it allows the producers to sort these pickings seamlessly into different coffee grades. The Brazil Bold is a natural processed coffee that is dried in small huts using a turbine that is powered by solar panels to create warm or cold airflow, a small, controlled amount of airflow is injected onto the cherries. This whole process takes about 30 days to complete. The cherries are constantly turned with rakes to prevent the formation of mold and to evenly dry all beans to the same moisture levels. The dried coffee cherries are hulled to remove the coffee cherry skin and then re-sorted according to the export requirement, hence a consistent cup profile.

Through his efforts, dedication, and commitment to producing quality coffees, it is no miracle that his farm has been winning awards in recent years, our true Mr. Reliable.

Roaster’s Lee Roasting Note:

The Brazil Bold is relatively small in screen size as compared to those grown in many other South American countries. As such, Roaster Lee has developed a roasting profile with a higher charge and darker roast to enhance its body, this will also bring out the chocolate and nutty flavor fully. Coffee-lovers with a taste preference towards chocolate and nutty body will enjoy the Brazil Bold as an everyday coffee!

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