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Ethiopia Joy: Getting to know your Ethiopia Specialty Coffee

Coffee Landscape

Editor's Note:

We chose this coffee as it represents a benchmark of coffee and a classic one sourced from our Ethiopian farmers. A velvety, sweet fruitiness and juicy body linger in our mouths after our tasting. We knew right away that this has to be launch as one of our pioneer beans for you coffee lovers.

Cherry Plucking

Farm Details:

Ethiopia, considered to be the birthplace of Arabica coffee where the coffee plant, coffee arabica, originates and coffee cultivation is believed to have begun in the region around A.D.850. According to legends, a goat herder named Kaldi first discovered these coffee cherries and he reported this to the monks in Ethiopia. The monks were suspicious of the coffee cherry at first, considering them as ‘Devil’s work’, and threw it into the fire. The coffee begins to roast which created an aroma so enticing, the monks dug the beans out, crushed them, and covered them in hot water. From this day onwards, they drank it every day to stay awake during long hours of prayers thus creating the coffee we all drink now daily.

This coffee was grown by farmer Tariku living in the region of Sidamo. Embracing the coffee culture and the pride in producing coffee instilled since young, Tariku attends personally to the daily work at his farm. From cherry-picking to processing to packing before it is being sold to customers, he ensures he is involved so that the best quality will be received by his customers. Apart from this, he also trains and guides his children to follow in his footsteps, to produce only the finest coffee to carry on his legacy and the generations after.

Cherry Picking

The Ethiopia Joy is planted at high elevations of 1,950 to 2,030 M.A.S.L. Tenderly handpicked and delivered to the washing station, the cherries are pulped using an eco-friendly pulping wet mill, after which the coffee beans are dried, covered in their parchment - all part of the primary processing procedure that is crucial to the thrilling quality and character of this coffee. The handpicked and resorted red cherries are dried on the African sun-drying beds. For the next approximately fifteen to twenty-one days, depending on the weather conditions, they are regularly raked and turned, covering them from the 12 - 3pm scorching sun and night to protect them from the rainfall. This is part of the vigorous practices to ensure a consistent drying process hence an all-rounded robust sweet and complex profile!

Precision and attention to detail are what Tariku swears by in ensuring the consistency of each bean produced.

Roaster’s Lee Roasting Note:


The Ethiopia Joy is an heirloom variety thus, the screen size of the bean can vary from 14 to 18 which makes it challenging to roast as there is a risk of having an uneven roast where some beans are more developed than the others. Nonetheless, this will not be an issue for Roaster Lee as she managed to start the roast slow and steady as coming in too strong and intense, it might cause the bean to lose the lovely floral notes that are so distinctive from Ethiopia. A well-controlled medium roast will be able to bring out the best of this bean. Coffee lovers who have a taste preference for rich mouthfeels and fruity flavors would love this for an everyday coffee!

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